What is Pilates

The Pilates Method

The Pilates method of exercise was created by the German-born immigrant Joseph H. Pilates. He brought his system of exercises to America in 1926 when he opened his first Pilates Studio in New York. The exercises, performed on mat and spring-resistance equipment, target conscious movement. By integrating the mind, body and spirit, coordinated movement is created, giving the client a passage to improved posture and physical wellness. “Contrology” is what Joseph Pilates called his exercise regime. It is the unity of proper breath, control of the body, concentration of the mind and the flowing rhythmic movement of the mind connected to the body.

Pilates will help you find your core muscles or your “center,” it will improve your flexibility and most importantly, it will strengthen your whole body and refine your posture. These principles can be applied to your other athletic interests and your everyday movement, making Pilates the smartest form of exercise available for life. In essence, Pilates is a conditioning method that your body must experience to appreciate.

Portland Pilates Studio is owned and staffed by teachers who have completed the Core Dynamics and Pilates Center of Boulder training programs. Each teacher also maintains a vigorous program of continuing education.

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