Mat Classes

Whether you are experienced or have never taken a Pilates class, our mat classes are the perfect way to develop the body by learning the concepts and fundamental principles of Pilates.  Arm weights, Magic Circle, and Physio Ball exercises may all be included.

Free to Trainer’s Club Members 
$15.00 for Non-Members.

Private Sessions

The optimal way to insure you one on one attention and proper demonstrations of the exercises at a pace specifically designed for you. Private sessions are advantageous to any level of Pilates you have achieved to individually focus on abdominal control, breathing, concentration, centering, precision, posture and basic body awareness.

Try our beginners special @ $150.00 for three one-hour privates.

Semi-Private & Trio Sessions

Semi Private and Trio sessions offers you a hands on teaching experience at a lower rate due to sharing the session with one or two other people.


Group Classes

These dynamic glasses are a wonderful way to supplement your private sessions workout at a group class rate. Individuals must be able to perform the level of exercises for that particular group and be free of any significant limitations.


Open Gym

The original way in which Joseph H Pilates ran his studio was as an Open Gym. After taking a designated amount of private and group sessions, our teachers will design an exercise program that best suits your body’s needs. Working with that written format, you will be able to attend Open Gym, performing those exercises autonomously, as one of our teachers observes and is available for questions and suggestions.

In this Gym time you will learn how to work the comprehensive equipment in the studio.

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